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"Teamwork to make the dream work"

Under this motto I offer individual mentoring.

I want to share my experiences with you and support you in achieving your goals and dreams. I've been in public for years

and work internationally as an actress, model and presenter. I also share my life with my community on Instagram, which has over 800 thousand followers, as well as on other social media platforms.


I did my bachelor's degree in social work. It always has been important to me to provide sustainable support to people and

to show my social commitment in order to do good.


In addition, I have trained as a professional coach and have already worked with well-known life coaches and mentors. I would now like to use my education and experience to work

with you to achieve your goals and dreams. I specialize in the following areas:


- Success with social media

- Personal branding

- Positive mindset

- Personal development




Mentoring Request

What are your goals and dreams?

Why are you interested in working with me?

What would you be willing to invest in a mentoring program with me?

Thanks for your message!

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